Reiki is Japanese energetic treatment (rei “soul, spirit” and ki “vital energy”) of which purpose is to renew your energy and allow you to fully unwind, whilst helping heal the body and awakening your spirit.

Reiki is a powerful technique that will allow you to work on emotional and energetical blocks that can inevitably have manifestations on the body and mind. The treatment can soothe a variety of symptoms, from a constant sense of fatigue, stress or tiredness, to more important clinical conditions. With this treatment, your mind will be restored and your emotions calmed.

The Reiki treatment and its benefits:

• deep relaxation
• eliminates energetic blocks
• detoxifies
• brings healing vital energy
• increases the vibrational frequences of the body, providing more vital energy.

Reiki is beneficial on an energetic and physical level, supporting other traditional treatments and therapies.

Take some time for yourself and enjoy a Reiki treatment, or offer it as a gift for someone you love.