Pubalgia is a common injury in the groin area. It’s also known as a hockey hernia, Gilmore’s Groin, or a sports hernia. Despite its many names, pubalgia isn’t a hernia. A hernia happens when an organ or tissue sticks through the muscle or tissue that holds it in place. Pubalgia refers to any strain or tear of the soft tissue in the groin. Over time, pubalgia may turn into a hernia.

The main symptom of pubalgia is sharp pain in the groin. The pain may go away when you’re resting, but it usually returns once you start moving. You might also feel the pain when you cough or sneeze. In addition to pain, you may also feel stiffness or tenderness in your groin.

Pubalgia is caused by damage to the muscles, ligaments, or tendons in the groin area. The injury is usually caused by twisting the body, suddenly changing directions, or doing repetitive movements.

Pubalgia can be treated with nonsurgical treatment, normally including the application of ice and anti- inflammatory medications, or with surgical treatment for more severe cases.

Reflexology is an excellent solution for this case, that can provide immediate relief and lead to a full recovery with only a few treatments.

By Annarosa Petrucci