Scleroderma is caused by the immune system attacking the connective tissue under the skin and around internal organs and blood vessels. This causes scarring and thickening of the tissue in these areas.

There are several different types of scleroderma that can vary in severity. Some types are relatively mild and may eventually improve on their own, while others can lead to severe and life-threatening problems.

There’s no cure for scleroderma, but most people with the condition can lead a full, productive life. The symptoms of scleroderma can usually be controlled by a range of different treatments.

During my many years as a reflexologist, I found it was possible to decelerate the advancement of  this condition and achieve long period of complete stasis. It is a long path, but it can really make a difference for those who have cases that are more severe where organs are affected.

By Annarosa Petrucci