Seniors Mental Wellbeing

Depression can hit at any age and is frequent among seniors. A combination of many reasons may lead to deep depression, sadness, a lack of love for life, or a desire to leave this world. 

Here is a story of one person I treated with reflexology, who managed to come back to some semblance of normality after an unfortunate event left her with the fear of leaving her home. 

A 90 year old woman, after a femur fracture, fell into depression connected to the fear of leaving her house alone despite a full recovery. She was fearful of falling again meaing she would have to go through the same painful experience. The anxiety took a hold of her, to the point where she decided not to leave her house anymore, even though before the incident she was comfortable going for long walks and traveling around the world. With a few reflexology treatments, she got her smile back and is going out for short walks, gaining more confidence each time. This is a small but important step to improving the quality of her life, thanks to reflexology.

By Annarosa Petrucci